Pacific Coast & Jungle Tour

Travel to the Pacific & Caribbean Coasts for kayaking in expansive mangrove estuaries and tropical jungle.  Inhabited by monkeys, sloths, morpho blue butterflies, sea turtles, and tropical birds, the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua is also home to indigenous Miskito villages.  Listen to the musical language of rural life, not to mention the snorkeling, warm Caribbean, and fresh seafood.

7 Days – 6 Nights
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5 Days – 4 Nights 
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Paddle in the Padre Ramos Estuary & Nature Reserve.  Hike a volcano, learn to dance salsa, and kayak through the jungle.  Sip tropical fruit juice in a coastal indigenous community.  Call it vacation or adventure.  No matter your way, you will be welcomed with warmth and hospitality…not to mention the fresh-caught fish.

* Explore one of the largest contiguous mangrove estuaries in Central America.
* Laze in a hammock under the shade of a palapa.
* Roam the streets to imbibe the murals, music, poetry and open-air markets.
* Climb an active volcano.
* Watch a sloth move through the jungle.
* Be lulled to sleep on a deserted beach, surrounded by starlight and bioluminescence.

Your seven- to five-day adventures through Nicaragua will allow you to enjoy the wilderness, culture, and experience of exploration, without the preparations of “do-it-yourself” vacations.  Leave it to Ibis to provide all of your transportation (excluding us-nica airfare), hotel accommodations, food, kayaking gear, camping equipment, and professional, bilingual staff.  All you have to do is find your passport!

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