Nicaragua is a new destination for travelers and kayakers who want to experience something authentic and “off the beaten track”, yet prefer all of the comforts and accommodations of a relaxing vacation. At Ibis, we can only tell you that Nicaragua has exceeded our every expectation. These are our favorite things about Nicaragua, but our words can never do it justice. The place and the people can only speak for themselves.

It isn’t just the 75 protected nature reserves, a chain of gurgling volcanoes, the warmth of the Pacific, or the hospitality of the people which invites international travel.

* It is the energy, passion, poetry, art, and history within the least densely populated country in Central America.

* It is the monkeys, sea turtles, cloud forests, lakes, and tropical jungles teeming with life.

* It is the startlingly beautiful faces of the children, who work and play hard.

* It is the chance to treat yourself to very affordable comforts in Nicaragua, while you give back to people who rely on tourist dollars to provide for their families and loved ones.

* It is the vibrancy in Nicaragua, in the open air markets, city streets, public sphere, and the details of every day.

* It is the rural, coastal, tropical “Nica time” that reminds to slow down and give respect to the sunshine.

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