Fishing Tours

Our community is a fishing community, nestled between the Padre Ramos Estuary & Nature Reserve and the Pacific Ocean.  You can enjoy the bounty of the estuary or the sea during your very own fishing adventure, nica style.

Our partners and professional fisherman, Felix and Saul, will treat you to a day on the estuary or out in the Pacific to search for snapper, mackerel, cabrilla, jack, corvina, barracuda, sea bass, and other delicious catches of the day.  Our four to six hour tours include traditional fishing techniques – nets, cords, and small wooden tablas – as well as modern rods and reels.  You’ll be treated to the salty sea, a tasty lunch, and the tropical sun, while you listen to local fishing stories and lore.

Or include a visit to Los Farallones, a set of rocky islands in the Golfa de Fonseca between Honduras, El Salvador, and Nicaragua. These islands are home to hundreds of birds, and the surrounding sea is home to dolphins, whales, and sea turtles.

Ocean Fishing (4 to 5 hours)
$70/person (2-3 people)   $50/person (4-8 people)

Los Farallones (5 to 6 hours)
$125/person (2-3 people)   $75/person (4-8 people)

Estuary Fishing (4 to 5 hours)
$45/person (2-3 people)   $30/person (4-8 people)

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