The Best of Nicaragua

Credit: Honky

Reason 1. The people of Nicaragua are by far this country’s most precious attraction.  They are warm and welcoming with travelers and gringo spanglish.  They are giving, helpful, and curious about visitors from other countries.  At Ibis, we can not even begin to tell you the number of times the Nicaraguan people have extended their hands and offered their help, out of the generosity of their hearts.  They are the best reason to visit Nicaragua!

Reason 2. There are more than 75 nature reserves, protecting almost 20% of Nicaragua.  These protected areas are home to sea turtles, monkeys, giant iguanas, scarlet macaws, crocodiles, and morpho blue butterflies.  There are almost 1000 species of birds and more than 30,000 species of vertebrates alone.  Dry tropical, dry subtropical, tropical, and cloud forests comprise the flora in this very small country.  In other words, the diversity here is incredible, especially if you are willing to enter the most inaccessible parts of this magnificent country.

Reason 3. Nicaragua is still the path less traveled.  Benefit from an authentic cultural experience in Central America without hoardes of travelers.

Reason 4. Nicaragua is a land of art and passion.  The architecture of Granada and Leon, the poetry and literature of Ruben Dario and Giaconda Belli, the murals and graffiti of Managua, Leon, and Esteli, and the national past-times of baseball and soccer mark the fervor and vibrancy within this country.  Almost everyone is an artist or poet.  Intelligent conversations about history and politics are common.  And there are many ways you can step into the middle of this cultural potpourri to experience it for yourself.

Reason 5. Your traveler’s budget can go far in Nicaragua.  Whether you are a budget backpacker or a family that craves more quiet and comfortable accommodations, you will find options that are affordable, clean, safe, inexpensive, and lovely in every way.  Ask Ibis for more details.

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